Bigg Boss Contestant and Telly Actress Karishma Tanna in Legal Trouble – Know Deeds Here

Popular telly actress Karishma Tanna is no doubt the girl with so much glamour and beauty.

According to the reports the diva is been blamed for committing, cheating, and blackmailing to an event manager based in Delhi. It looks like the event manager Manas Katyal invited her to perform a dance at an event but the actress didn’t reach the location where the event was to be held, causing the manager bearing a loss of the hefty amount of approximately 10 lakh.

Karishma Tanna
Karishma Tanna

The reports suggest, that Karishma instantly changed the plan just after a minute she stepped down in Delhi. It is also buzzed that the diva was paid advanced; also her staff including stylist and manager didn’t come up at the venue. The diva also threatened the driver to case file against him for badgering if he didn’t change the car’s direction and take her to Delhi. For those, who are uninitiated, the diva was called in to perform a dance at a wedding reception to be held in Haldwani on 16th February.

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Well, the truth behind the case is between the manager and Karishma, but the telly world actress and model Karishma has the completely contrasting scoop to tell. The diva said she was told to have the event in Moradabad. As when she reached the place with her team, they found the event is to be held in Haldwani that was far away from Moradabad. She told the event manager that she had a back problem and cannot do a journey of long distances.

The Bigg Boss contestant Karishma Tanna has refused all the allegations. Reportedly, the manager has slapped a legal notice to the actress. And in return, Karishma’s lawyer has responded to the manager’s notice.

On the working professional the actress which was last seen in the film Grand Masti will soon be noted in Sanjay Dutt’s biopic which stars Ranbir Kapoor. Though the actress is approached only for guest appearance we are hoping that she will brag something good and big after that.

Stay tuned and stay connected with us, we will be right back with more details on the case.


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