Bigg Boss 12 Promo :- Host Salman Khan Unveils the Theme in the most Unusual way

Bigg Boss 12 Promo :- Ever since it is headlined that Bigg Boss is coming up with the new season, the audience is eagerly waiting for the show to premiere on the Colors channel.

The new season i.e. Bigg Boss 12 is all set to air from October 2018.

Bigg Boss 12 Promo

The channel – Colors recently released the hilarious teaser of the Bigg Boss 12 highlighting the host Salman Khan. The makers of the Bigg Boss is leaving no stone unturned to excite the viewers, and just like the earlier seasons, each day, the Bigg Boss team is revealing some twist and turns out.

Bigg Boss 12 to have ‘Padosis’ Theme

This time the makers have come up with the first Bigg Boss 12 teaser.

CEO of colors channel Raj Nayak tweeted promos. Below is list of promos :–

Promo 1

Promo 2

Earlier the reports buzzed that this new season will have the padosis theme. And continuing with the theme, focusing on the unusual fights between the neighbors, he introduces the theme in this teaser.

You can watch Salman Khan watering the plants and accidentally drops some of the water into the tea of an old man, who is reasonably angry while he ducks. Other why his neighbor advises him to get married and in turn, he said he would have been married if she were single. That’s really quirky, isn’t it?

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Bigg Boss 12 will have two houses in this new season and have Padosis as a theme. It would be really amazing to watch commoners and celebrities as neighbors.

Right from Salman Khan hilarious talks to that constant fights between neighbors; this teaser has directly hit the jackpot.

All eyes are rolling on to see who will be the commoners and celebrities this time, and what if they create disaster inside the house just like the last season.

We will be right back with more news on Bigg Boss 12 Contestants till then stay tuned and enjoy this hilarious promo.


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